"JUMP .... and the net will appear"

Do you remember the last time you took a "leap of faith"? Jumped headlong into something that was new, that you had never done before, not expected or did not know anything about?

But somehow it felt right....it was exciting, like an adrenaline rush almost. You felt motivated, a new spark, new energy, like you could achieve anything! And you decided to trust your intuition....

I have had many moments like that in life, whether it was a solo performance on stage, delivering a baby or taking my very first client through a PT session.

All these instances were inspiring, heart pumping and nerve racking. I felt like I was jumping off the cliff - it was do or die time!

I jumped..... and the net appeared.

We are about to jump again...and we hope the net appears!!

We are leaving the big city lights and moving far far away, somewhere we have never been - to a small island in the Indian Ocean... Mauritius. To read about our future adventures in Mauritius, subscribe here.

Why Mauritius? Well, why not? It has pristine warm beaches. An abundance of nature & a small population. Gorgeous homes on the beach. And we can walk with lions! We have yet to organise a home & livelihood in Mauritius and make a friend or two there....so although I'm a bit nervous about leaving behind our comfortable life in Melbourne.... I'm ridiculously excited about the adventure!

And no, we are not "lucky", this is a dream we have been chasing for 6 months to make happen :-)

My journey with Yoga has brought about this change. On 1st October 2015, I left for Bali to complete my Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). I'd expected to breeze thru' the course due to my PT background and experience. I was sure I would "nail" my YTT. I felt confident, flexible and strong.

Tucked away in an isolated rainforest, at the base of Mt. Batukaru, surrounded by rice paddies, coconuts and geckos, away from the electronic distractions of daily life, my YTT was far more intense, emotional & overwhelming than I ever expected.

Everyday, for 15 hours, we were studying about the philosophies of yoga, life, nature, practising 3 hour long yoga sessions, teaching, studying for an exam, having silent breakfasts, completing homework, doing self enquiry, journalling about our deepest thoughts, feelings & memories or reading about spirituality.

I formed a bond with the lovely group of 20 women, amongst who were a doctor, lawyer, private investigator, photographer, auditor, samba dancer, waitress, neuro scientist, hair dresser, an Apple tech and a textile designer. All unique. All from different parts of the world. All wanting to become yoga teachers.

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In Mumbai, everything seemed to be on fast forward. People were talking so loudly. Cars honked all day. There was noise everywhere.

And people everywhere.

Everyone seemed rushed...stressed.....hyper.

Always somewhere to go, someone to meet & something to achieve.... I was born & brought up in this environment and now I couldn't cope, I couldn't integrate....

I felt like the lives of my friends & families were going in the opposite direction to my own life. Had I slowed down or were they moving faster? Had I “chilled out into a yogic lifestyle” so much that I'd lost the ambition, the drive, the desire - to "succeed" in life, achieve money, status and recognition..... or was I just beginning to find within myself what really mattered to me?

We returned to Melbourne, and all I wanted was to "escape"... Preferably to a warm quiet beach in a corner of the world, surrounded by nature, my husband and children.

The once-bright lights of the big cities, the commercialism, the money, the shopping, the materialism, the bling, the fast pace, the glitz and glamour.....it seemed to have lost its sheen for me....it wasn't so bright any more.....it wasn't important any more.

Normally a very competitive person, I didn't feel the need to compete or compare any more. Whether it was "achieving" a difficult yoga pose or whether it was to score a job interview, I just had to do my best and let go of the outcome. Not worry so much. Not stress so much.

Just enjoy this moment.

Be present.

Live in the “now”.

I realised that perhaps everyone ran their own race in their own time. I felt a growing sense of compassion towards others, my road rage and honking days were certainly over and I didn't beat myself up if I put on a kilo. I felt more comfortable within my own skin and kinder to myself.

Less critical. Less demanding. Less desiring for what was out there.

So, today, I encourage you to ask yourself the question - what have you been putting off that feels a bit scary? What dream have you been waiting to achieve? What plans have you not actioned because it seems "impossible"? What does your intuition tell you - that nudge from within?

Seize this moment. Do it. Really live, not just exist. Follow your heart and it will not lead you astray. Have belief.

JUMP....and the net will appear.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and for allowing us to be a part of yours....we cannot wait to see you in Mauritius!

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