"Discrimination against the fit?"

In my last blog I shared that we were moving from Melbourne to Mauritius....to get away from the big city lights for a smaller island life.

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Instead of taking a direct flight from Perth, we decided to take 7 plane/ ferry rides over 3 weeks and go via Singapore, India and Seychelles to reach our new "home". Most airlines allow a 23kg check in luggage limit (+ 7kg hand luggage). Since we were moving countries, we needed every kilo permissible.

This got me thinking.

The aeroplane does not know the difference between the weight of a human or the weight of a bag. So how about weighing the luggage along with the person....and give an overall luggage allowance limit? Say if the allowance was 100kg per ticket.... a 60kg woman would then get a 40kg luggage allowance, whereas a heavier 80kg woman would only get a 20kg allowance!

Why does a 50kg person pay for "excess luggage" for even going 2kgs over the "weight allowance", whereas a 150kg person does not pay anything for the extra 100kgs of bodyweight being added to the aeroplane? The airlines say it would be embarrassing for the overweight people to be weighed but they have no hesitation about making the healthy people pay significantly more per kilo when selling seats?

Fit people are being discriminated against....by not giving us enough luggage allowance, to compensate for heavier people who may come onboard the plane.

And they do!

And take my arm rest as well!

At least I have an armrest which acts a barrier between the airplane seats....unlike a local bus in Seychelles with no armrests, where I had to "share" most of my seat too.

One of my PT client, the head of HR of a large multinational company, had an interesting perspective on hiring "overweight" people (they don't use the term "fat" as it is politically incorrect)....their belief was that if the candidate was overweight, it suggested that they neglected their health, and were too lazy to do anything about it. This translated into "we wonder what else could they be lazy about?"

I argued that each person has their own unique qualities and would contribute positively to the company, the overweight candidate may have better qualifications, skills & experience than a lighter person...however I couldn't help but think there was some truth to my client's comments.

As research suggests, we have less than 7 seconds to make a first impression...and our bodyweight can play a big role in creating that all important first impression.

As a Personal Trainer that specialises in helping my clients achieve weight loss, and having lost 23kgs myself (current luggage allowance!), I know the transformations are not just external, but more so internal. When you train smart, eat nutritionally dense foods and have a holistic approach, you not only lose the excess fat and get stronger, you gain energy, have a higher self esteem, sleep better, and feel like you can achieve anything.

Plus it may mean extra luggage allowance on airplanes and better job prospects in the future!

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