"Fire Your Personal Trainer If...."

Exceptional Personal Trainer's can be life changing for a client but if your PT displays one of these five traits, it's time to fire their ass!


Is your Trainer constantly checking himself out at every reflective surface available?

Is their business page/ social media feed full of bicep flexing selfies?

Does he interrupt your session to give an update about his date last night to his "bros" at the gym or is busy texting/ answering phonecalls?

Doing any of the above during your session is a sign of him not giving you the undivided attention you paid for and it's time to fire him!


A close friend was lamenting that her PT didn't know or care whether she had a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate every night, there was no follow up or accountability after the 1 hour session ended... Very few Personal Trainers think about their clients other than the hour that they’re with them in the session. An exceptional Trainer always keeps their client's goals in mind and equips the client for the remaining 167 hours/ week that the client is NOT with their Trainer, and follows up with them throughout the week. Personally, I follow up with my clients EVERY SINGLE DAY.... I mean, how likely are you to drink the bottle of wine or eat that bar of chocolate if you knew I am about to message you?

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Recently my Dad's Trainer cancelled on him 5 minutes before a 6am session... overslept.

My cousin's trainer cancelled on her last minute because it was "raining"... the Trainer did not want to travel in the train by rain. A client recently started with me after her (soon to be ex) trainer departed on a long holiday a few weeks before her wedding... No show, no text, no notification and no apology.

Yes we understand emergencies can happen, but if your Trainer is often late, finishes the session early, or fails to turn up at all, then it's time to let them go.

Your Trainer's lack of interest has a direct impact on your motivation levels and your success.


When I first qualified as a Trainer in 2010, I went and bought myself 10 sessions with an "experienced" Trainer so I could "tone up" after losing 23 kgs from my 2nd baby. Everytime my session started, he would snap his fingers, do a jiggly dance, smile and say "What would you like to do today?". Guess what I said.. "Abs". Of course I chose easy stuff that I was already good at and did not know that crunches were not the answer to a toned mid section.

What I really should've said: "How the f*@% should I know, that's why I hired you. You tell me what I need to do to get to my goal!".

If your PT is not prepared, doesn't have a plan of action laid out for your session, not keeping notes or records, does not give a reason for making you do a particular exercise, making up the session on the fly, then they're clearly lazy and don't deserve your hard earned money. Unfortunately, I waited till my Trainer caused me a back injury before I fired him... but all the signs were there and I should have done it earlier.


We often ask for results when finalizing a Builder for our home renovation. No different from asking your PT when contemplating your body make over. Videos, photos & Testimonials of the Trainer training similar clients as yourself is what you should look out for.... other clients who you can relate to, who had similar goals and achieved the results that you are after.... not just videos of the Trainer doing 300kgs on the bench press! If they can't show you proof....run.

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Not all Client-PT Relationships have to end badly. I aim to assist my clients to reach their health goals in the most effective & efficient way possible, whilst giving them the tools and education to be self sufficient, long after we part ways.

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Have you ever fired your Trainer?

Should you fire your trainer?

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