"Spot the Trigger...."

Do you find it hard to stop at just 1 Lindor chocolate ball? Or just 1 Pringle?

Funny, I don’t struggle at all to stop after 1 apple.Certain foods trigger a feeding frenzy…others don’t.

If you want to lose weight, you’d do well to identify which foods spark you off and eat away all your good intentions.

Is it Rice? Potatoes? Alcohol? Tiramisu?

Certain situations & feelings have the same effect...we eat "just because"...

- Because of Habit (like paying for fuel & always buying that Snickers bar)

- Because someone upset you, so you reach out for the cookie.

- Because your partner put you down, you get rebellious & retort “I will eat as much ice cream as I bloody want”!

- Because it is “time” to eat.

- Because it’s there.

- Because you are bored.

- Needing to keep your hands occupied.

- Because it’s rude not to i.e. Social pressure

- Childhood habits of comfort foods

- Smell & sight of food.

- Plate cleaning habit from childhood; “The poor kids in Africa don’t have food, eat everything on your plate”.

- Because you are procrastinating something.

- Because it’s the weekend.

- Because it’s free!

- Because we deserve it!

Can you spot your Trigger? Which one is it?

Contact me today to get started on a lifestyle, fitness & nutrition programme that will make you immune to Triggers. Once you start working with me, those numbers on your scale will quickly change direction, just like it did for these clients. Let’s do this!

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