"Let's talk about SEX"

Growing up in an Eastern culture, sex was a taboo subject. Our Bollywood movies portrayed a couple kissing (or procreating) by showing 2 birds pecking at each other.... bit confusing from a child's perspective!

My favourite soap "The Bold &

The Beautiful" (yeah it's still going, I eventually stopped watching after Brooke married her 5th husband...but I digress), ah yes, the glory days when Brooke Logan & Ridge Forrester would lean in towards each other for a romantic kiss & the cameras would abruptly cut to the next scene (censored version in India, much to my mother's delight who would keep an eye on me while I watched the show), sex was just something that we never spoke about... much less discussed why it was so great & how to make it EVEN better.

Well, you are in luck today.

Did you know the important link between Exercise & Sex?

Men, listen up...

1. You know what good ol' testosterone does for the body: it’s the hormone that makes a man a "real man". Testosterone levels get a boost after strength training.

2. Sex can be an intense physical activity that requires strength, stamina, energy & endurance to wow your ladylove... and the only way to improve those components of fitness are through exercise.

3. Research proves that men who participate in exercise 3-5 times / week not only consider themselves more desirable but also experience greater sexual satisfaction (& reliability).

Ladies, hear me out....

1. Exercise makes you "feel" sexier. When you are looking after your body and eating well, you likely have a positive self image which translates into the boardroom & the bedroom.

2. Flexibility (an underrated part of a fitness regime) opens up many options for different positions. On a side note, I hope you are enjoying my juiciest 31 Yoga Poses, all thru' October on my Facebook Page to help improve your flexibility?

3. During exercise, feel good chemicals called endorphins are released, and this primes the woman's body, making her more sensitive & receptive to touch. Suffer from a low libido? Exercise.

One last thought, most reports seem to indicate that about 85 calories are burnt per 30 mins. of sex, which is about the same as bowling. Unlike bowling, though, sex can also increase self-esteem, cardio-vascular health, emotional intimacy, improve sleep and increase immunity!

There are countless benefits of exercise and sex just happens to be one of them.

Contact me to get started on a lifestyle, fitness & nutrition programme that will improve your self confidence, make you fit, increase your testosterone & help you feel body confident again.

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