"Weight is just a number...or is it?"

Many Trainers in our industry shout from the rooftops "Throw away the scales; Weight is just a number; It doesn't reflect your actual progression; What about muscle weight? Do your clothes fit better? Look at your energy levels..." and so on. And yet 95% of the clients who approach me want to achieve just one thing - Change the number on the weighing scales. Nothing else seems to matter...

So, let me share some clarity around this and an action plan for you:

When you first embark on your Weight Loss Journey, measure a number of parameters as your "Baseline" on Day 1. This gives you a starting point of where you are now.

Here are some BASELINE TESTS that I always establish with a new client when they start with my 8 week ONLINE "Operation Shape Up".

1. Weight

2. Measurements (from 7 different body parts)

3. Photos (front, back, side, in minimal clothing)

4. Fitness Tests (measuring your cardio, endurance, speed, stamina, upper body/lower body/ core strength individually and finally, flexibility).

5. An in depth Lifestyle Questionnaire on your sleep, stress management, nutrition & activity levels.

With consistent and "smart training", correct nutrition and improved lifestyle, your results can only improve. Monitor your progress; repeat these every 8-12 weeks to maintain an accurate record.

My Client Elise had a burning desire to be at 65kg for her wedding. She found a local Personal Trainer at her gym and her experience with him inspired me to write "Fire your Trainer if..".

Enough said.

She knew she really needed to get those food cravings under control, put the brakes on constant injury she suffered, bust the weight plateau she was stuck on (at 69kg) and get some clarity around the right foods to nourish her body.

We started with the "Baseline Tests". The results, after Elise completed my Online "Operation Shape Up" combined with some extra Personal Training sessions, were astounding:

1. Weight - 2 days before her wedding, she reached her weight goal of 65kg (we all know those last 5kg are the hardest)

2. Measurements - Down by 30cm.

3. Photos - A SPECTACULAR Transformation, see pics below, shared with permission.

4. Fitness Tests - HUGE one. Increase in upper body strength by 200%, core strength by 150%, cardio - same. As for flexibility, her body is now like a properly aligned wheel in balance.

5. A measurable improvement in her nutrition, stress & sleep.

So, if you are embarking on a weight loss journey, ensure you measure all five parameters to get a complete picture on your progress... or you will get frustrated by just the numbers on the scales.

Stuck at a plateau or been going at it alone & need help to bust the belly? Contact me to get started on your 8 week "Operation Shape Up" that will make you fitter, leaner and body confident again (only for clients who successfully complete the 10 Day Kickstart).

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