"Bounce away the Ounces"

18 Jan 2018


Have you seen me bounce? Click HERE.

I love it so much that I want to share 20 reasons why anyone, young or old, fit or fat, strong or weak, happy or sad should include some bouncing in their lives - either on a trampoline or (smaller lower) rebounder.


1. Stimulates metabolism


2. Stronger bones


3. Great cardio activity that is low impact, safe for your joints


4. Improves Balance, coordination & motor skills


5. Encourages play & reduces stress


6. Improves lymphatic system circulation & thus your immunity


7. Strengthens your cardiovascular system


8. Burns calories fast, more effective than running


9. Tones your leg muscles


10. Makes you laugh, improves mental health


11. Helps reduce cellulite


12. Improves your vitality


13. Great way to spend time with a child


14. Improves effects of other exercises


15. Helps prevent cancer - refer to point 6 above


16. Become more alert due to increased oxygen


17. Build lung strength, improve stamina & endurance


18. Combat varicose veins


19. Efficient, easy, quick & convenient workout


20. Most of all, it is FUN.


My client Deepa loves to bounce too, check her video out HERE; guaranteed to make you smile :)

Oh, and below is her testimony from the 8 week Online "Shape Up"

Do you bounce? Has this blog encouraged you to try it? Would love to hear your comments below.


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