"Lose Weight Fast - No Exercise or Diet"

"Lose Weight fast - No Exercise or Diet required".

I have read this line (or variations like: "Get the abs of your dreams in 21 days") often in online Facebook groups / ads, and there are always scores of people inquiring.

It made me think, are we all living in dream world?

I wonder at times when educated people fall prey to "lose weight by no exercise or diet", "lose weight by drinking a particular filtered water", "lose weight by drinking protein powder", "lose weight via a vibrating waist belt or vibrating stepper", "lose weight by drinking this type of tea"..... Seriously?

Our body is a unique machine which requires real fuel (nutritious food) & activity to run efficiently or else it will get damaged (resulting in sluggishness, inflammation, pre diabetic, high BP, heart disease etc). Don't people know that these schemes eventually result in all that lost weight coming straight back again? We are all dreaming of a shortcut that doesn't exist, instead of doing the work?

And yes, I get angry at educated people falling for these obvious scams!

How do educated people tolerate:

Carrying around excess weight?

Feeling lazy and lethargic, lacking the motivation to move?

Eating crap, instead of nourishing their body?

Leading a life where they need to manage joint pains daily?

Continuing to upsize their wardrobe along with their meals?

Being depressed & lacking self esteem because of their weight?

What example are we setting for our children?


You are not fat, that is not your identity, you have accumulated that extra fat around your body due to: pregnancy/ unhealthy eating habits/ laziness/ too busy to prioritize your own well being…

So now what?

Are you planning to stay this unhealthy for life?

You accumulated that fat in not days, weeks or months but years; why are you so impatient to lose all of it in just a few days or weeks?

What makes you think that your body will listen to you wanting to drop weight fast (even with diet & exercise!)?

Yes, it makes me angry when people tell me they want to lose 10kgs in one month.

Be realistic. It’s a gradual process and eventually you'll lose it all.. but dropping weight fast is neither safe nor sustainable long term.

Weight loss is not rocket science!

Everyone knows what to do, they just don’t do it….here's why.

That's where I differ from every other coach out there - I personally follow up every single client, every single day; ask any of them :))

A strong, slim and healthy body isn't a destination, it's a way of life.

I'll leave you with this last quote by Steve Maraboli:

"It's not about losing weight. It's about losing the lifestyle and mindset that got you there."

Contact me for more information about how you can lose weight, holistically. I look after your nutrition (food combinations, hydration, meal timings, 3 food rules, recipes, shopping lists etc), stress, sleep, screen time, lifestyle management & more.

A highly personalized approach...because you are worth it.

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