"Avoid Holiday Weight Gain"

Holidays are a time to enjoy, to explore, to create memories with our loved ones and to discover.

Whether one travels to the vineyards in Tuscany to indulge in gourmet food and wine, go sight seeing the Taj Mahal in hectic India or relax with a good book on the sun kissed beaches of Maldives, we dread stepping on the scales once we are back home, right?

Here are some tips & tricks I personally use so that I NEVER put on weight when travelling and I hope it helps you:


I try to choose a destination that offers "some" activity such as skiing, river rafting or snorkeling. If we are headed to a busy city, I research in advance about the surrounding countryside for hikes. If time is too short, I try to book a hotel within the town centre which means lots of walking, browsing and sight seeing on foot (rather than catching a cab from Point A to Point B). "Active Hotels" that offer a range of excursions and adventure sports (Rock climbing, bike riding, bird watching, yoga, kayaking, horse riding etc) are also a family favourite.


On my essentials packing list is:

1. Home made muesli (Just organise yogurt & a banana from the hotel and it's a satisfying nutritious meal rather than eating every meal out)

2. Milo or hot chocolate powder

3. My favourite herbal teas

4. A large ziplock of mixed nuts & seeds, with dates or cranberries

5. A cheap, portable mini blender (like Nutri Bullet) for super quick banana milkshakes (with the Milo!)

6. My kitchen knife for cutting fruit, bread etc


We always go to the local supermarket on Day 1 and fill up on fresh local fruit that can be easily carried on day trips (oranges, apples, pears, bananas, grapes), cherry tomatoes, milk (for the Milo banana milkshakes), hummus, healthy crackers & yogurt (for the muesli). If it's a hectic trip and we are staying at a nice hotel, we request them to clear out the mini bar and fill up with the above.


We chose biking/ walking over golf buggy rides in our spread-out Maldivian resort. In Rishikesh, we have requested our mountain cottage further away from the main lobby area (affording us more privacy, quiet, better views of the Ganges plus the bonus of getting in those extra steps by having to walk longer to the main reception/ dining). Our Balinese hotel offered pool aerobics, yoga classes, tennis courts, badminton, pool tables and table tennis; all great for spending quality time with kids and getting some movement after that big brunch! Asking the concierge for the best views of the city... a walk uphill was well worth a different perspective of Florence. And taking the stairs to the top of the dome in the Vatican, being active on holidays is easy if one looks for the opportunities.

Online Training with me and getting that workout done for the day is also an option :)

As for a food rule, choose either 1 dessert or 1 alcoholic drink or 1 fried food per day.


So, the holiday is coming to an end and you may already be dreading the work piled up on your desk.... not to mention the weight gain if you haven't been following the above tips!

The best thing to do is book your training session with me for the day after you arrive (Book this before you finish your holiday). This way you know you will get right back on track and won't procrastinate or get too busy at work.

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