"Lose Weight Guaranteed"

Don't you just hate it when you make the effort to read an article & don't get effective content! Me too! So, here are my Top 4 Weight Loss Secrets and you WILL lose weight....guaranteed

1. M O V E M O R E T O D A Y

Unless you are a professional athlete, you need to move more if you want to lose weight. Most of us spend wayyyy too much time sitting on our butt, and that is not going to get us the butt of our dreams!

i) Buy a health tracker and start by achieving 10,000 steps daily

ii) Look for ways to be more active: Don't take the car for short distances, walk or cycle instead, meet friends for a walk & then coffee, go 10 pin bowling or skating with your kids, don't get your driver to carry your shopping or your maid to get you a glass of water, do it yourself. (Don't judge me, I grew up with that lifestyle in India!)

iii) Sign up for a 5km fun run and use the app "Couch to 10k" to prepare. I couldn't run 1km non stop either until 3 years ago (& I have been a PT for 8 yrs!)....but using this app has helped me complete half marathons!

iv) Choose holidays that are active which include hiking, skiing, swimming, horse riding, river rafting or exploring by foot, everyday!

v) Start strength training....This is my favourite way to lose weight, look toned, be strong and feel sexy. Sign up for Online Training with me to learn the right technique, exercises & intensity, specially

suited for YOU.

2. E A T G R E E N T O S T A Y L E A N

I'll keep this simple. Eat green veggies daily - raw, cooked, smoothies, salads whatever.

I especially recommend smoothies. Ratio 3 veges:1 fruit....Or don't add any fruit. I just throw into the blender whatever I have in the fridge.I can't believe people spend $10 buying a smoothie. Heck, I'll sell you one for half that price! Salads can be a bit more fun, add nuts, seeds, oils, bocconcini or feta cheese & home made dressings.

Start simple. Be mindful. Enjoy the textures, flavour, colour and taste.When I have indulged in excess (Mmm... Lindt Easter bunnies), this is the fastest way for me to get more fibre in my body, reduce bloating, reduce sugar cravings, feel energetic and back on track.

3. C O U N T Y O U R C A L O R I E S

Yes some Trainers will boo boo me for suggesting this. Yes I also know that not all calories are created equal. However, what gets measured gets improved. I am always shocked by how much (& what) people eat & drink without realizing the crazzzy amount of calories they are consuming. Eat too much healthy food and also, you will put on weight! Often it is just a habit and a lack of awareness.

Use Myfitnesspal app to record everything you are eat & drink. Oh.... but this is going to take time, you say. Yes...about 5 minutes/ day, a lot less than spending time in hospital due to blocked arteries or diabetes! Experience has shown me that clients who track what they consume daily always get results (Once I give them nutritional tweaks to incorporate).

4. A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y

"Motivation is like a bad boyfriend...never around when you need him".

Buddy-ing up with someone is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and stay motivated, just make sure its not your on again-off again boyfriend we spoke about earlier! Many experts (including yours truly :) agree that having someone to be accountable to can be the difference between success and failure in achieving your goals.

If you have a set time with your PT, you will turn up, right? (Esp. if it is Online, from the convenience of your home or hotel). If your PT monitors your food diary, you may not drink that entire wine bottle! If your PT has given you stretching homework, you are more likely to do it. Reality is, you know what needs to be done to lose weight.... The question is, are you doing it?

I offer online accountability, nutrition & training packages.

I won't take your shit or buy your excuses. And you will lose weight...guaranteed!

Like these clients did... Next 8 week "Operation Shape Up" begins this Sunday, 30 April.

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