"Don't exercise with your baby if..."

I was approached last week by this popular newspaper to write an article on “mommy-baby” workouts. Fundamentally, I disagreed with the concept and offered to write an “opposing” view. They were very excited about my idea and the reasons why, but it couldn’t get past the editor.

If you want to know why exercising with your baby is a less than smart idea for new moms trying to lose weight; and what to do if you’re in that situation (or someone you know), read on....

Exercising with a baby seems like a great idea in theory. Looks cute in pictures, quality time, body contact, holding your baby above your head as you do crunches (as suggested in this article, worst exercise ever, especially for new moms!) and it's trendy on Instagram, for sure...

But is it “really” the most effective way to drop the excess pregnancy weight (if that is the aim)? Are you actually eliciting a fat loss response from your body by “exercising with your baby”?

Let’s find out....

As a mum myself (who lost 23kgs in 5 months after my 2nd delivery), a certified Pre & Post Natal Trainer and an online weight loss coach to thousands of women worldwide, I can say from experience that most post-natal moms are desperate to drop the excess kilos they piled on during their pregnancy... once the first few hard months of motherhood have passed.

But with an active baby around, lack of sleep and your routine being out of whack, it can be difficult to find time to exercise. Thus in theory, exercising with your baby (even as a weight to do chest presses & squats) sounds like a fun way to get that workout done whilst spending time with your precious bundle, however it is distracting, it may lead to an illusion that you are “working out” when reality is that it could be just some fun quality time and perhaps frustrations down the line as to why you haven’t achieved the desired results yet, despite “exercising” with your baby.

The best way to burn fat FAST is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout.

Once you get the all clear from your obstetrician, and have slowly built up your fitness with regular walks and specific post natal exercises (Contact me for personalized 1:1 sessions from the privacy and comfort of your living room), you just need to do a 20 minute focused workout at home, in your living room, with zero equipment to get in shape, fast. Yep, that is me.

Download the free app “Tabata Timer”, set it up to beep every minute for 20 mins and you are ready to reduce weight, lose inches and regain your pre pregnancy body.

Here are 3 examples of HIIT bodyweight workouts:


Minute 1 - 10 squats per minute (rest for the remaining seconds until that minute is up),

Minute 2 - 20 jumping jacks

Keep going till your 20 min. timer ends.


Minute 1 – Lie on your back, bend your knees and lift your hips. (Hip extensions).

Minute 2 – Push ups on knees.

Minute 3 – Stand, touch your toes, jump with arms up.

Minute 4 – Rest.

Repeat again for 4 more rounds.


Minute 1 – 1 squat, 1 burpee, 1 jog to your kitchen & back

Minute 2 – 2 of all of the above

Minute 3 – 3 of all of the above… and so on… how far could you get to before the minute is up?

You can do a quick 20 minute workout when your baby is sleeping, or if your family members pitch in and help by taking the baby for a walk/ bath. Remember, you still have the remaining 23 hrs and 40 mins to spend with your baby; just take out 20 mins for yourself and your goals, stay focused during your workout, train consistently and increase your intake of fresh fruits & vegetables to achieve your pre-baby body back.

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