"Can you fit into your wedding dress?"

Today, I am sharing pictures I have never before...

Today I am being vulnerable... but if I can inspire even one woman to lose weight, get fit & regain her lost self esteem, then it's worth it.

This was me 13 years ago at my wedding.

I picked a beautiful orange gown because even though I was having a Western wedding and marrying an "Aussie" in Australia, in the Hindu custom, brides wear brightly coloured outfits, whilst white is worn at funerals!

As wedding gowns go, this one was also fitted to precision with absolutely no error (or room for growth!)

Fast forward a few years... didn't lose the excess weight from my first son, Oliver, and packed on even more weight when I was pregnant with Elvis.

"I don't want to be pregnant a 3rd time... so I'm just going to gorge on chocolates, cakes, sweets, fried, snacks and basically anything I feel like eating". That was my ignorant mindset.

And I put on 25kgs!

(This pic in the brown top is AFTER delivery!)

I don't have many pics of that time because I felt so fat, so massive and a far cry from where I was on my wedding day just 3 years prior...

I couldn't bear it any longer. With a single minded obsession, I worked hard on my exercise & nutrition and lost 23kgs in 23 weeks!

Yesterday, 31 October 2018, for a Halloween ball, I tried on my wedding dress after 13 years ... I was a little bit nervous and a little bit excited.

Remember, this was a dress stitched to "precision".

Yes!!! It fitted and how! I have never felt more fitter, toned, leaner or sexier in my life!

And I teach everything I know, to my clients in my Online coaching.

Contact me for more information about how you can fit back into your wedding dress (or sari-blouse), regain your confidence and be fitter than you've ever been. Do this for yourself... because you are worth it.

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Thank you for being a part of my journey and allowing me to be a part of yours.