"Life Lessons Learnt at 'THE' Celebrity Indian Weddin

This is a long post. Bring your favourite beverage and settle in to enjoy the three Life Lessons I learnt from attending THE "Wedding of the Year"; top Bollywood celebrities Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone, in Mumbai earlier this week.

(For anyone who’s non-Indian, it’s equivalent to being invited for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding reception; Ranveer and Deepika are both incredibly popular movie stars, each successful in their own right, adored by billions).


So, it’s D Day.

I’ve gone to the beauty salon for a Mani-Pedi and the beautician insists she paint my fingernails to match the red toes. I say that as a Personal Trainer, with lifting dumbbells etc it will get scratched in a day, it’s pointless. She won’t take No for an answer and I succumb.

(When I relay this later on to my Online client Anne De Pise from Mauritius, she says, it’s exactly like how you push us in our training, you don’t take no for an answer) :)

Then the beautician says she will straighten my hair, I say, “I usually do it myself”. She looks at me like I can't comprehend & explains “But you can’t see what the back of it looks like, so I am the expert and I will do a better job of it, because you can’t”. She's right, ofcourse.

This reminds me of a selfie I took during Back and Biceps Training today. I thought, clients don’t know what their back tone looks like, yet others can see it! Especially when one wears sari-blouses to glamorous weddings! That’s why I step in and teach them the right exercises to achieve a toned back. Why struggle when a Pro can get you to your goal in the most effective & efficient manner? Life Lesson One, Listen to the Expert.


The WhatsApp invite reads 8pm.

I’ve been told by well meaning friends and family that “these high profile celebrity events never start on time, the bride and groom will make a late entrance at 11pm”. Infact, forget celebrity events of this magnitude, I don't think I have ever attended an Indian wedding where the bride & groom are on time!

So we don't stress too much over the crazy Mumbai traffic & get to Grand Hyatt by 8:30pm. The event management staff are beautifully dressed (females in cream ethnic lehengas, males in black sherwanis). They scan our barcode, received with the e-invite and we are walked thru’ to the wedding hall.

The fragrance of fresh Rajanigandha (Tuberosa) and scented candles fill the venue. Very classy.

I am pleasantly surprised to see superstars Ranveer and Deepika already on stage, so we join the queue to congratulate them. To me, this shows a real respect towards their guests, the fact that they turned up on time!

Life Lesson learnt: remember that other people are taking time out of their busy schedules, so respect & value it. And respect your own word when you say you'll turn up on time. What a great Life Lesson to be reminded of.


At the entrance to the stage steps, there are two large boards on either side (In case you missed one!) that no selfies or pics are allowed on stage (With 700 guests expected, this is understandable). No one seems to be stopping to get pics taken and the line is moving quickly (& growing longer by the minute). The moment arrives....

Me: "Thank you for having us at your reception and congratulations."

They both thank Gary & I for coming.

Me: "For your wedding gift, I decided to give you the gift of health and fitness; I have made a special workout for you both."

Ranveer: "Wow, that sounds great."

Deepika: "We really need it after all this... (she gestures towards the venue/food)"

Me: "Deepika, you are already perfect..."

Ranveer warmly squeezes my hand as I say goodbye to him, looks directly in my eyes and says sincerely: "I really dig your haircut."

Me (flattered): "Thank you."

THIS is the life lesson!

Even on his big day where, undoubtedly, it's all about him, this handsome groom, with the most beautiful bride by his side... made me feel special. I was surprised that he took a moment out, to not just notice, but to pay a compliment. He made the moment about someone else.

If you are sitting there thinking “Oh, he probably said that to many women at his reception, complimented them on their hair, outfit or shoes, these movie stars are fake etc.”, sadly you haven’t understood this great Life Lesson that I learnt from Ranveer Singh.

How often do we tear others down? We don’t compliment our friends, or "like" their FB posts/blogs, nor say anything positive about their achievements because somehow it might elevate them and by so doing, bring us down?

No... it’s not about us... it’s about the person we compliment.

A Life Lesson I have known before, but did not quite learn in this impacting manner - Compliment others.

Compliment 5 people everyday (maybe start with just one?). Find something good in someone and let them know you appreciate it. Be genuine & sincere. It does not make you any lesser of a human, in fact, it makes you a better person in their eyes. It shows you are secure within yourself, you have self esteem, you are positive and you spread happiness and cheer. You lift others. You give them belief from your own positive energy.

Ranveer Singh, you reminded me of some great Life Lessons at your wedding. Thank you for having us at your reception and I hope you love doing the workouts as much as I loved putting it together for you both. My Online clients, Bijal from New York & Ruchi from Berlin were guinea pigs as I unleashed it on them first to get some feedback. They told me to tell you "Look what we went thru' for you Ranveer & Deepika and we don't even get to enjoy the amazing desserts at your reception buffet!"

Wishing you both at least 50 years of wedded bliss :)

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